10 Hilarious Differences Between Arranged Marriage And Love Marriage

It may seem absurd to the western world, where marriages are not arranged more than 90 percent of the times, but arranged marriages do happen and they are the dominant type of marriages in the Middle East and most of Asia. Although facts and figures demonstrate that arranged marriages are more successful than love marriages and end up in lesser divorces, this article is on the lighter side of differences between the two types of marriages. Let us have a look.
Trust me these differences between arranged marriage and love marriage are bang on hilarious!

1. The excitement in a love marriage is stronger in the early days of marriage and stability comes as time passes while in arranged marriages, people start off with stability and compromise and the excitement comes later on.


2. In both of the types of marriages, people have to adjust to new families, both men, and women. The only difference is that people tend to know much about each other’s families before the marriage in love marriages, which might make it easier for them to adjust.
3. In love marriages, people already know each other’s choices in food so no surprises there and it’s easier to adjust the menu according to your spouse’s liking.


4. Kids and pets make life easier and busier for people involved in arranged or love marriages, but if they are in love or have fallen in love after marriage, everything becomes more enjoyable.


5. One thing about arranged marriage is that it’s a gamble. The other person could turn out to be a psychopath for all you know. Although there have been instances in love marriages that I know personally where people suddenly reveal their alter-ego after marriage. So in my opinion, it’s a gamble, either way, the chances that you lose are higher in arranged marriages than love marriages.


6. People claim that you can avoid dowry in love marriages but that’s just an assumption. It’s the nature of the groom and his family that determines the involvement of dowry, not the typology of marriage


7. People in love marriages can enjoy things that they both like together because they already know each other’s likes and dislikes and it’s a little awkward at first in arranged marriages.


8. Okay, another assumption is that the girls in love marriages get an easy after-marriage life as compared to the ones in arranged marriages. That’s not true. It depends upon the circumstances and luck.


9. People in arranged marriages tend to be prepared for the worst, especially girls. So they have been trained in the art of house-making. But again, this is stereotyping and assumptions.


10. The most important difference, in my opinion, is that in love marriages, partners know what they’re getting into so its like deliberately jumping into the ocean. While for arranged marriages, partners are pushed into the fire.


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