11 Things Every Woman Should Do After Intercourse

Once the action has ended, all you want to do is lie on your back and hit the mental rewind button and play everything in your head (only if you’ve had fun though). But do you know staying in bed for a long time after having sex could be harmful to your health? It turns out the answer is YES!

Your body goes through rigorous physical activity, and if you do not take certain precautions, you could end up with a woman’s worst nightmare – Urinary tract infection (UTI). While having penetrative sex, bacteria ends up inside the vagina. The inside if a vagina is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria since it’s moist and warm. A trip to the bathroom within half an hour to pee will help flush out these bacteria.
Peeing after having sex is not the only step that will help you avoid annoying UTIs and other unpleasant problems.

It is important that you work out a post-sex routine to ensure your love life continues to be delicious, not uncomfortable.

Check out these easy and enjoyable rituals that will keep you happy and healthy down there.

#1 Design your post-sex routine around one rule, and that is hygiene. There is no excuse, period.

The chances of yeast development rise significantly in women with the use of sexual lubricants. It is critical that you take a trip to the loo to pee not just to pee, but also you take your time to wash your lady parts correctly. Keep a separate, non-fragrant soap for the job. No one would want to use that soap on their face! Take a washcloth, put some soap and water, and gently clean that area by moving your hand back and forth.


#2 A warm bath with some extra virgin oil will not only help calm the charged sex goddess inside you, but it will also reduce the risk of unhealthy infections. The warm water prevents the outer vagina from going dry so that you don’t have to deal with any irritations. As the skin is hydrated, there is less chance of vaginal swelling that women tend to experience after intercourse.




#3 Sex is a full-time exercise and consumes a hell lot of your physical energy. Extreme physical activity can cause dehydration in your entire body. There is a reason why suddenly your mouth starts to feel dry if during sex your vagina seems to remain dry, your body is experiencing dehydration. Take a sip or two of water to refuel your system as soon as you are finished. Make sure you don’t gulp it all, take it easy. Drinking water will also help you pee quickly and flush those harmful bacteria out of your system.



#4 What you eat after having sex is very important. I know those chocolate chip cookies in the jar look tempting, but we advise you to choose your snack wisely. Your best option is fermented foods such as yogurt for instance. Kombucha and kimchi make healthy alternatives. Eating these as a snack after sex can restock good bacteria so that you don’t get yeast infections.



#5 We recommend you go commando!

It is time to ditch sexy and get comfy. The nylon and polyester lingerie are your ticket to infections. The non-breathable fabric allows germs to grow fast.
You can also opt for cotton underwear or something that does not fit too tight. Remember you must not let moisture get trap in your clothes.



#6 You should head to the bathroom after sex to pee. It helps rinse away bacteria such as E.Coli that might have moved to your urethra during intercourse. However, if you do not feel the urge to pee right after sex, it is also normal. It can take up to an hour for you to feel the need to rush to the bathroom. If that is the case, take a moment to relax in the bed.


#7 While you relax in the bed, take the time to visualize everything from the very start till the end. Revisiting the whole thing will not only help you kill time, but will also help you improve your bond with your partner.



#8 Sometimes sex can be painful or uncomfortable. It is important for you to keep a note of when this happens. There are multiple reasons why intercourse can be painful for women. The most common reason for discomfort is dryness down there. In other cases, women feel deep sensations that could be the result of constipation, or a muscle spasm as the result of your partner penetrating hard enough. If you regularly feel discomfort during sex, it is better to consult a doctor.

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