12 Revealing Texts That Put Cheaters In Their Place And Humiliated Them Forever

As much as some people get it, it still hurts me to say that some other seem not to comprehend what a relationship is and probably shouldn’t be in one.

And before anyone jumps on me with the ‘no one is perfect’ phrase, I know no one is: including me.

But when it comes to cheating, I think a line should be drawn. Not only is the action irresponsible but its consequences can be dire for both partners in the relationship.

You see, if you have started nursing the thoughts of cheating on your partner, then it would serve the both of you well if you just ended the relationship.

It would be a very tough decision to make, but it would prove to be the best decision in the long run.

Now, to the meat of the matter. We see that cheaters tend to get away with cheating. But as this article will prove, this isn’t always the case.

Sometimes what goes around does come around. In the case of the cheaters highlighted in this article, we can see how their purposeful derailing leads to a crash eventually.

12. Her friend gave it all away in this one.


11. This is the kind of bomb that goes off when both parties cheat on each other.


10. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. This is how a lot of girls become BFFs.


9. Be careful when texting your lover, you might accidentally text your children instead, and then you find out they are super into Brazzers…


8. Then again, bribes don’t always work. Some children actually value the sanctity of marriage and family. But ok JW why does this kid have their dad under, ‘Brandon’ ?


7. Were you drunk when you sent that text too?


6. Parents aren’t the only ones in this, aunt and uncles too. I do have to correct one thing besides morality- YOU*RE.


5. When a cheater has no emotional morality go after the thing they value most, which obviously isn’t their significant other.


4. Read before replying, read before replying, read before replying…



3. EW How could you say that to your dad after he so blatantly spoke about his privates?


2. Women are not excluded, they cheat too, they send the wrong texts to their kids as well…


1. This one takes the take because well, messing up a text twice in a row just screams stupidity.

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