15 Effective Ways To Ask For Nudes Without Offending Them

Want to ask your partner for nudes? Here are 12 effective ways to ask for nudes and actually get a ton of them without even offending them or sounding cheap.

1. Establish trust

Trust is the fundamental element of a relationship. It is the foundation of love. And if you wish to create ways to take your relationship further you need to establish trust.

2. Engage in sexting regularly

You can’t be blunt about nudes. You need to engage your girl into sexual stuff to make her comfortable with you. And sexting makes ways for comfort and trust in a relationship.

3. Know what turns them on

Ask them about the things that turn them on. It helps you explore their sexual personality and your bond becomes stronger.

4. Start from the bottom and build up

Don’t just ask for sex on your first date. Try to know each other better. See whether you’re compatible enough for each other or not. And then take your relationship towards the sexual side.

5. Talk about how much you love their naked body

Expressing feelings is an important part of a relationship. Tell them how much you adore their body which will develop confidence in your partner. And they won’t hesitate in showing you their body.

6. Make them think it was their idea

Don’t present yourself as a desperate dude. Let them do it whenever they wish. So they know they’re doing it with their will and not forcefully.

7. Don’t expect anything

Expectations can hurt you real hard. So stop expecting anything from them. When the time is right everything will fall into place.

8. Start with snapchat first

Snapchat gives them the assurance that their pictures are not being misused. This develops confidence in them.

9. Tell them how much you want to see specific body parts

This is an indirect way to send positive love vibes to your partner. And they in return shower you with their beautiful pictures.

10. Show your appreciation often

If one does something for you, they demand appreciation in return. It helps them go strong and get in the flow.

11. Beg for it

Women love it when their man beg for nudes. It makes them feel validated and loved.

12. Show them how much you value their body

This makes your relationship strong and your partner happy.

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