9 Signs Your Partner Is Really In Love With You!

There is no definition of true love, it is more a combination of smaller elements that build up and contribute towards a successful relationship. There are certain behaviors and signs that your partner may display, which will tell you just how much they love you.

These are 9 ways to test if your partner is really in love with you:

#9 They listen

There is a huge difference in listening and hearing. People who don’t love you will just hear what you have to say and probably not pay any attention to it once you are done. Someone who loves you will make sure to listen to every word you say and always try and be there for you. You will find that someone who loves you will take your advice and suggestions.

#8 They fight with you every now and then but are always open to talking about it.


Fights are bound to happen when two people get close to each other. A true sign of love is someone who acknowledges the fights and is willing to take the time out to find appropriate solutions for the relationship to work out. Your partner will try to find a common middle ground that you can both agree on.

#7 They make little sacrifices


If your partner truly loves you, then the word sacrifice does not come up. Simple and considerate gestures that your partner makes shows their love. If your partner decided to change their plans based on what you like then you know they are willing to do whatever it takes to keep you happy and feeling loved.

#6 They fight for your love


A person who really loves you will always want your love and not want to lose that for anything, at any cost. No matter how hard the sun shines or the wind blows, they will always be there to hold your hand. They will fight to keep you and fight to be with you!

#5 They are proud of your achievements

They internalize your achievements as if it were their own. A person in love will never try and compete with your achievements but will make it a point that your win is a team win. They will help you celebrate your achievements and be there to pat you on the back.

#4 They check up on you just to see how you’re doing

Someone who truly loves you will call to check on you multiple times a day. People by nature are egocentric beings. Once they love someone, they begin to care about the person and want to make sure of their safety and well-being.

#3 They care about your family and friends

If your partner loves you they will never try and isolate you from the other people you love. They will want to know about your friends and family and are willing to patiently listen. They will also make that further effort of getting to know your family and friends better and trying to become a part of their lives.

#2 They are not afraid to be vulnerable

Most people cannot handle this raw emotion. It takes someone strong and really in love to not have a problem showing you that they are scared of losing you. They will share the things that bring them down and their insecurities as well as listen to yours.

#1 They trust you

This is the most important one and probably the deal breaker. If you and your partner have no reason to lie and openly trust each other, then it is a strong and secure relationship. Trust is the building block of any relationship. Remember, honest people have nothing to hide.

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