Her Husband Divorces Her After Looking Closer At Photo He Took Of Her.

The divorce rate in United States has rose above 53% and most of the time men are called the main culprit behind the separation. On the Contrary a man recently divorced her wife just on assumptions made from seeing random pictures in her cellphone.

The husband divorced her wife on the suspicion that he found men’s glasses on his spouse’s bed while she was sleeping in a cozy mood. The wife at the first instance declined this fact claiming it a hoax but later confessed to sleeping with a person outside her wedlock and admitting that the guy left his glasses on her bed after making out with her.

Similarly, a husband snapped an innocent picture of his wife smiling to him, everyone thought it was the most beautiful thing on the internet. A wife smiling to his husband. The husband came home to his loving wife after a period of 20 days, imagine the thrill she might be going through to finally see her hubby in flesh and blood!

But the truth is not what it seems.

Truth and fiction are polar opposites of each other and we expect their differences to show when comparing side by side. But this isn’t always the case.

Closely examine once more!

As closely examining the picture will reveal. Before we spill the beans on what this picture contains, please look for any unnerving details on it. Done? Proceed to the next slide!

What the picture shows

We see a beautiful girl dressed in casual clothes in a relaxed and rested sitting position on her bed. Surrounding her are what seems to be pillows, eyewear, a bulky fan dangerously close to the edge and her smartphone which is connected to the a charger.

Nothing untoward so far?

While it looks like the girl is terribly affected by the summer heat and desperately needs the fan once inch close to her face to keep cool, we don’t see anything too sinister. The bulky fan might be a little too close to the edge for starters. But that’s about it right? Wrong.

Okay so did you spot it?

Alright we’ll make things a bit easier for you. Focus on the right half of the picture. Every single pixel on the right side of the picture contains useful bits of information that will SHOCK you. But we don’t want to reveal the truth just yet!

The SHOCKING picture reveals a man staring back at you

The most sinister, disturbing, unnerving, uncanny thing we ever saw. A perfectly innocent picture was containing such a deadly surprise shocked the very bejesus out of us! In the bottom right corner is a picture of a man staring back at you!

Why you couldn’t spot him outright

We couldn’t either, the husband himself asked this trick question to his Facebook friends online. No one could point anything untoward with the picture so a few days later he revealed the top secret himself.

Blending in worked for the thief

The main reason why you couldn’t spot it is that of how the face blended in with the color of the wood.

Was she cheating on her husband

Well, the evidence points out to the fact that the wife was cheating on her husband and that she’ll have some explaining to do.

Landing in hot water

In all likelihood, she landed herself in some hot water which could end up spilling over to the courts. Lengthy, exhaustive and expensive court battles for divorce!

What if she has no clue either

What if this man is an alien, or a ghost, or a demon or just a thief? The fact that the girl is so happy to see her husband does not point out the possibility that she is completely unaware of this man herself.

No way out but under the bed?

Perhaps he was a thief browsing her room for a few collectibles but heard her footsteps and decided hide.

Is it even possible to hide under the bed

See that’s the unnerving part. What concerns us isn’t the fact that he was her boyfriend or a thief, what concerns us is the fact that the man could fit inside such a tiny spot.

Only shape-shifting demons are capable of this!

We don’t think it is possible unless you’re a shape-shifting demon that is

So who should the husband call?

Should the husband call a ghost buster, the police or his divorce attorney? We’re left scratching our heads on this one. Do let us know your thoughts on who this mysterious figure might be.

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