The Location of Acne On Your Body Could Explain WHY You Break Out

Acne’s a harsh reality of life, and even though it’s known to plague adolescent teenagers, the fact is that it can affect you at any point in your life. And there’s no one universal cause, either.

But, the location of an acne breakout can go a long way towards telling you the cause, which is the first step towards fighting it!

For instance, acne on your jawline suggests the cause might be hormonal or glandular, which can happen naturally, or result from excessive sugar consumption.

Acne on your shoulders or neck is often attributed to stress and tends to get worse when you’re anxious or apprehensive.

Whereas a breakout on your back could result from either nervous or digestive system dysfunction. A dermatologist can better help you diagnose this or any of the other breakouts on your body.

Acne on your chest can also be attributed to your diet, so you might want to investigate some changes if you’re seeing blemishes there.

Bumps on your elbows often exist as the product of dead cells or poor blood circulation. A vitamin deficiency could be the cause of either of these.

Acne on your stomach, though rare, could suggest that your blood sugar levels are off. There are a number of reasons why this could happen, and a doctor’s input will be necessary.

Acne on your butt is likely due more to agitation from clothing than from an internal source. Try a breathable underwear or examining your hygiene.

Diagnosing the cause of acne is crucial because that dictates how you treat it.

Similarly, it’s useful to know the stages of acne, because that can give you insight into the timing, which can also help determine the cause.

Diet, makeup, and allergies can also be big factors in breaking out, so take those into account, too.

You might not be able to do everything yourself, but there are easy steps you can take regardless of the cause. Shower regularly, wear light, breathable clothing, and don’t pick at your blemishes. For further treatment, consult a dermatologist!

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