Walmart Reveals The Hilarious Things People Do When No One’s Watching

Hilarious Walmart Stereotypes By State

One of the best things about going to Walmart is the kind of people you see shopping there. For some reason, it seems to attract the weirdest among us. But not all weirdos are the same. In fact, every state has its own unique brand of Walmart shopper. If you don’t believe us, take a look at these pics

People of Walmart


We know not all of California is like LA, but still, the stereotype seems to ring true: Cali girls like to work out and read celebrity gossip. Perhaps the reason they read so many tabloid magazines is that they’re picking up tips for when they finally get their own reality show and they become the next Kardashians.

Would you wear your state’s flag on your clothes?


People of Walmart

It’s no secret that people from Texas are proud to be from the Lone Star state, and they’ll take every opportunity to show it. The cowboy hat and big belt buckle were more than enough, but where else would he wear his Texas flag vest if not to Walmart?

If you think all drugs are bad, maybe don’t visit this state.


People of Walmart

Colorado was one of the first states in the Union to legalize the sale of recreational marijuana. And we see why. People in this state are very committed to that 420 lifestyle, and they have the swag to prove it.

Would you fly 3,000 miles just to end up at Walmart?


People of Walmart

We are pretty sure the person here is not a native-born Hawaiian. But we’re also pretty sure that Hawaiians know better than to do their shopping at Walmart. So we are left with every crazy tourist who thinks just because they’re on a Pacific island they can leave all decorum behind.

If you watch reality shows, you’ll know what we’re talking about here.

New Jersey


‘Jersey Shore’ wasn’t a huge hit for no reason. The show depicted quite accurately a certain type of Jerseyite — those who pay way too much attention to their personal appearance (even when shopping at Walmart) and believe they are one small step away from making it big in New York. We wouldn’t be surprised if this girl became the new Snooki.

When you look at the next picture, you’ll feel second-hand embarrassment.


Look, we know Alabama can get pretty hot and humid in the summer months. But perhaps going grocery shopping in your underwear is still not the best idea. Especially if your underwear has the Confederate flag printed on it, which not only shows you have no shame but also that you are backing the wrong horse here.

You’ll have to be open-minded to visit this state.


Again, we know that not all of Nevada is like Las Vegas. But you’d be surprised. Did you know that Nevada has the most RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants, proportionate to the state’s population? So next time you’re at a Walmart in Reno or Carson City, don’t be alarmed by the amount of fierceness you encounter.

If you’re a little bit eccentric, this state might be for you.


If Portlandia has taught us anything, it’s that Oregon is a weird place. For instance, did you know that this state has more ghost towns than any other? Perhaps this Walmart shopper came from one of those towns, though honestly any other explanation would also be plausible.

There’s a lot more to flyover country than you might think.


Did you know that Ohio is the state with the most heavy-metal bands in the country? This guy clearly knows it and is super excited about it. So excited, in fact, that he decided to go hula-hooping in the middle of a Walmart. Maybe Ohio is also the state with the most hula-hoopers? We’re gonna have to look that up.

If you’ve been to the Big Apple, you’ve probably encountered this.

New York

This one’s honestly kind of boring in its predictability. There’s no denying that New York City attracts a lot of young, attractive people who like to dress well and party a lot. Though apparently, as this photo suggests, they also like to climb inside grocery store displays while shopping. Weird.

Don’t visit this state if you’re easily spooked.


It’s no accident that Stephen King, a native of Maine, is the most prominent horror writer of our generation. Whether it’s the cold weather of the lack of anything fun to do, but this state is full of weirdos. Here we have a fan of IT who went a little too far trying to make his costume look realistic.

You’ve heard of Florida Man. Now get ready for Old Florida Woman.


Here we have two of the things Florida is most known for — old people and plastic surgery. We are sure this lady is quite proud of her prominent bosom, but she looks like she’s about to tilt forward from the weight. We’re hoping that pill bottle she’s holding contains calcium supplements… her bones are going to need them.

Don’t judge the guy in the next picture… it might be you in a few years.



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